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Tekno started in 1968 in the telecom sector and has installed over 10,000 systems worldwide. Migrating from call accounting systems to traffic management solutions (which front-ended switches) to call completion systems, Tekno has been a pillar of telecom network management, maintenance, and revenue assurance solutions, focusing on high return on investment systems for wireline and wireless carriers.

Our strength is generated from our engineering expertise. Tekno has consistently brought to market products that were more advanced and accurate than its larger competitors. The engineering team has generated numerous patents, which today allows us to offer supremely efficient and accurate systems necessary for today’s carriers to confidently know what is occurring in their networks in order to solve problems and collect the revenues due to them.

Tekno’s focus has consistently relied on data/information collected, not from the switch, but directly from the network (SS7, GSM, SIP, Sigtran, IMS, 4G and LTE, etc.) Network data is rich in information and Tekno’s products use advanced techniques to extract and correlate this tremendous amount of data into useful information for the carriers.


Most importantly, Tekno is on the cutting edge of technology and is ready for today’s newest networks while still supporting legacy telecom networks.

Tekno is a stable and profitable company which has experienced tremendous growth within the last three years with the advent of its LinkQuest and now its NetQuest system.

Imagine a dispute between you and another carrier and the other carrier has precise information [quantity, types of calls (isp, long distance, long duration, etc.)], and can prove his case, and all you have is samples or statistical information.

Imagine negotiating agreements that are usage sensitive and the other party knows the exact amount of usage that is bi-directionally between both of you, and all you have is estimated projections.

Tekno Telecom's Network Managment Systems provide the "answers."


Tekno Telecom LLC develops and manufactures Converged Network Monitoring Applications and CDR/xDR Generation Solutions for wireless,
wireline, and next-generation carriers on a worldwide basis. Over 45 years of experience has produced patented industry leading,
highly reliable systems that meet carriers' growing needs for profit enhancing knowledge regarding their networks.