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NetQuest is at the forefront of SS7, LTE, and IMS network monitoring. Extremely accurate correlation of signaling packets/MSUs for CDR/xDR generation is at the core of the solution for Diameter, SIP, ISUP, H.248, GSM, IS-41, etc. Carries utilizing NetQuest are empowered to Monitor, Measure, Manage and Monetize network data into knowledge that effectuates progress to solve vexing, revenue effecting and customer-related network issues.


Generate CDRs/XDRs directly from the signaling network to 3rd Party Applications or Carrier Back Office Applications for Converged Wireline/Wireless and NGN Networks.



AMA Auditor

Monitor your LTE network to ensure your customers the quality of service and highly-reliable bandwidth they have come to expect.


Automated comparisons of SS7 CDRs and AMA/BAF CDRs to find revenue that is not being recognized because of inaccurate, lost and incomplete switch generated CDRs.

Inter-Carrier Billing


Quality of Service

Know exactly the amount of calls, minutes of use, completion ratios, types of traffic, transactions, MSUs, and packets that are coming in and out of your network. Ideal for inter-carrier validation, verification and actual billing.


Detailed and accurate reports outline the quality of service carriers are giving and receiving by almost any set of criteria (customers, other carriers, services, network elements, routes, countries, etc.)




“In-Progress” real time fraud prevention and detection are enabled utilizing patented solutions (ZIP CDRs) where the information is derived directly from the SS7, IP, MF, and ATM networks.


Identify and solve problems in your network with a proactive “patented” advanced system that analyzes every call and transaction 24x7x365. Provides exact, useful and easy-to-use information to find issues with customers, vendors, and other carriers. Ideal for equipment blockages and failures.

Internet Telephony


Protocol Analysis

Total network analysis of IP, VOIP, VOP, SS7 and ATM for next generation telephony wireline and wireless networks.


Correlated MSU/packet protocol analysis tells the whole story of what happened to a call or transaction (CDRs/TDRs). Ideal for failed calls, even across geographically disperse links. Also includes patented dispositions that tell why a call/transaction succeeded or failed.



Revenue Assurance

Advanced switch independent technology allows for billing information (including CDRs, TDRs, MSUs, and packets) to be derived directly from the SS7, IP, ATM and MF networks with 99.999% accuracy.


Comprehensive and innovative approach that differs in its scope and type of data than is normally used. Data is directly derived from the network and can be utilized by numerous departments for revenue enhancement and recovery.




CALEA and terrorism network attacks monitoring capabilities are embedded within NetQuest as well as new upcoming enhancements.


Monitor your entire network for problems in “Real Time.” Drill down to find exact issues. Know what is occurring within your network. Includes alarm management, OSS integration, and data integrity management.

Traffic/Capacity Analysis



Quantifiable peg count and usage analysis of traffic routes and completion ratios using Poisson Erlang tables ideal for traffic engineering, capacity planning, and network optimization of wireline, wireless and next generation networks.


How many LNP dips are you performing only to discover you are not the real owner of the call and must re-direct the call to another carrier’s network for termination?

Phantom Traffic


ByPass Traffic

How much identifable traffic (but unbillable traffic) do you have? Knowing the source of your network traffic is essential in order to recoup lost revenue. Learn how Tekno's latest solutions can help you.


How are calls being routed within your network? Are calls being disguised as local traffic instead of long-distance? Our ByPass Traffic solution will help you capture any lost revenue.