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AMA Auditor

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AMA Auditor

The NetQuest Advantage

Comparing SS7, IP, and ATM network generated CDRs versus switch-based CDRs (AMA/BAF) yields discrepancies (normally between .05% to in excess of 10%) of CDRs that the switch did not generate or were corrupted. The SS7, IP and ATM CDRs can then be used for revenue recovery that directly impact carriers' bottom lines in a dramatic fashion.

Dramatic Return on Investment

Between .05% to 10% of your total revenues can be realized and applied to increase carriers’ profitability. This revenue stream was assumed to be unattainable until now.

The Problem

Switches are the source of billing information and by their very nature are not perfect. Both human and hardware/software limitations affect the accuracy of switch generated CDRs for billing. Even the best switches improperly programmed, or running at high CPU usage, will miss or corrupt CDRs. The quantity is the question. How many CDRs did the switch miss or corrupt? How much does this translate into dollars that are not being realized? Newer next generation switches and unique brands are even more at risk, because they lack the lengthy testing environment compared to the top-tier traditional switches, which inherently still miss significant revenue. The real issue is how much money are carriers not able to realize because of switch deficiencies.

The Solution

Tekno Telecom’s NetQuest AMA Auditor is the answer. Working in conjunction with consulting services studies can be done for any length of time to compare SS7, IP and ATM generated CDRs to switch-based CDRs. The comparison yields discrepancies that then can be evaluated, and if validated, may be entered into the billing system for revenue recovery. Numerous benefits are realized in this exercise including switch optimization and profit maximization. The solution is based on the “patented” NetQuest solution of decoding and correlating the messages and packets within the SS7, IP and ATM networks into CDRs with amazing accuracy.

Key Benefits

Increased Profitability

Improved Return on Assets

Verification of Revenue Stream

Patented Solution

The Process

Tekno Telecom’s SS7, IP and ATM non-intrusive monitoring devices [Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer] decodes and counts every MSU and packet. Each device then correlates the protocol messages into CDRs with an accuracy level of 99.999% and transmits them, together with statistical reports, to Tekno Telecom's centralized server applications. AMA/BAF switch-generated CDRs are fed into the database. Rules are then set up, based on the carriers' own billing intricacies (trunking configuration, AMA format, etc.), and a comparison is run against every CDR. Discrepancies are found and filed for further analysis and, if verified, are used for revenue recovery by entering them into the billing system.


AMA auditing and the resultant revenue recovery may yield more than any other source of revenue assurance. We invite telephony carriers to take advantage of this patented, unique and profitable approach.