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The NetQuest Advantage

Tekno Telecom’s NetQuest Network Management System processes data directly from the network (SS7, IP, ATM) into billing records with 99.999% accuracy. Using tremendous processing power and the latest hardware and software technologies, the SS7, ATM, and IP Call and Transaction Detail Records (CDRs/TDRs), Raw MSU and Packet billing information and reports are generated from Tekno Telecom's monitoring devices. This information can then be processed into rated billing records and fed into a billing system.

Dramatic Return on Investment

Carriers deploying NetQuest's solutions receive a rapid return on investment. NetQuest generates more accurate billing information for significantly less cost. Secondly, the NetQuest System provides this in both “Real-Time” and near real-time functionality. Carriers today have found over 500% savings compared to traditional billing system feeds.

The Problem

Carriers normally derive their billing information from switches that produce proprietary record formats or quasi standard formats. In many cases, these records need to be mediated or massaged into AMA records which can then be rated and billed. In some cases, based on switch provisioning and high CPU usage, CDRs may not even be produced or could be corrupted. Often each newly added feature or change in the output record format results in significant costs from the switching companies.

Carriers deploying next generation networks using softswitches and signaling gateways have difficulty gaining full revenue generation from these environments. Other carriers have to work with multi-vendor switches that further complicate an already expensive environment.

Often billing criteria cannot even be obtained from switches (TCAP, AIN, and IS-41) and carriers rely on other network elements to provide this valuable information or just use statistical guesses.

Collection and archiving this data in raw form is expensive and complicated, especially with many of the back-end applications and large data management processes required.

The Solution

NetQuest provides accurate CDRs derived directly from the network (SS7, ATM, IP) that inherently contain significantly more information than their counterpart BAF/AMA records. As new features or types of calls come on line with NetQuest, there is no need to modify actual switch records and incur extra costs from switch manufacturers. Since NetQuest’s CDR Generation System is 99.999% accurate, extra savings are also realized, as there are less CDRs that are corrupted or are lost.

Other types of billing become easily available including billing by transactions, MSUs and other types of services.

Key Benefits


Extreme Accuracy

Switch Independent

Data Integrity Features

Message (MSU) Counts

Minutes of Use

-Local, Intra Lata, Inter-Lata,
  International, etc.

Transaction Counts

-Transaction Type
-Completion Ratio

Packet Counts

Cell Counts

Completely Scalable

The Process

Tekno Telecom’s SS7, IP and ATM non-intrusive monitoring devices [Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer] decode and count every MSU and packet. Each device then correlates the protocol messages into CDRs and TDRs and transmits them and statistical reports to Tekno Telecom's centralized server RDBMS applications (NetScope and NetViewPoint), as well as 3rd party and host systems including billing systems. The SS7 CDRs are then modified into standard AMA records and fed into a billing system with extremely high levels of accuracy.


Carriers can lower costs and yet increase revenue and profitability through less expensive and more accurate billing feeds generated through the NetQuest System. Whether the network be wireline, wireless, and next-generation networks, carriers should investigate the advantages of Tekno Telecom’s NetQuest Solutions.