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Inter-Carrier Billing

The NetQuest Advantage

Tekno Telecom’s NetQuest Network Management System processes data directly from the network (SS7, IP, ATM) into inter-carrier billing information with 99.999% accuracy. Using tremendous processing power and the latest hardware and software technologies. Call and Transaction Detail Records (CDRs/TDRs), Raw MSU and Packet statistics are generated from Tekno Telecom monitoring devices. This information is then used as a source for Billing, Billing Verification and Billing Validation. Know exactly the amount of messages, packets, calls and transactions that are terminated and accessed within your networks and their length! NetQuest carriers can profess: “He who has the information wins."

Dramatic Return on Investment

Once carriers deploy the NetQuest solutions they receive a rapid return on investment. Recovering revenue from improper billing provides for a return on investment within as little as three months. If carriers are improperly billed, documented back up permits correcting it immediately and nullifying the revenue leakage. Carrier’s can verify their collected information so that there are absolutely no disputes. Quantitative and definitive analysis helps carriers design their inter-carrier billing to run optimally and at the highest level of profitability for them.

The Problem

Carriers are connected to other carriers to access and terminate calls and information in each other’s networks. Bills are generated when this activity occurs. Whether the connection is a negotiated arrangement, or based on usage information, the following questions should be raised when receiving and generating these bills: Is this information accurate? Am I being billed properly? Am I billing for everything that I should be? Am I attaining the maximum revenue stream? What do I use as a billing source? Are the bills accurate?

Many carriers try to attain this information from their switches, from other carrier’s switches (CABS), or by receiving a bill and paying it. They find out that the process is cumbersome, expensive, and not accurate. Ultimately the carrier is dependent on the accuracy of congested switches and other competitive carriers for this valuable information.

The Solution

NetQuest provides a comprehensive suite of Inter-Carrier Billing solutions that provide telephony carriers revenue-enhancing knowledge with exact levels of accuracy. This even includes long duration calls, differentiating the types of calls, as well as transaction ratios and message/packet statistics.

Key Benefits

Extreme Accuracy

Switch Independent

Viable Billing Source

Data Integrity Alarms

Message Counts

Minutes of Use

-Local, Intra Lata, Inter-Lata,
  International, etc.

Transaction Counts

-Transaction Type
-Completion Ratio

Packet Counts

The Process

Tekno Telecom’s SS7, IP and ATM non-intrusive monitoring devices [Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer] decode and count every MSU and packet. Then, the system correlates the protocol messages into CDRs and TDRs. Canned and custom minutes of use reports are then generated from multiple Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzers on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis and transmitted. Tekno Telecom's centralized server RDBMS applications (NetScope and NetViewPoint), as well as 3rd party and host systems provide further processing and analysis.


Revenue and profit maximization are the key to success. Managing inter-carrier billing with accurate objective information will ensure profitable revenue gains with definitive analysis. Whether the telephony network be wireline, wireless, or next-generation telephony networks Tekno Telecom’s NetQuest Solutions will provide your company with the ability to profess: “He who has the information wins.”