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Quality of Service

The NetQuest Advantage

Full network quality of service (QOS) knowledge is attained using patented NetQuest "Disposition" technology. Every call and transaction and the telephony network are analyzed automatically. The NetQuest system correlates 100% of the messages (MSUs) into SS7 call and transaction records with 100% accuracy. Each call and transaction is then analyzed and classified as if an SS7 expert was looking at every call. Once the calls are classified into a described success or failure, canned and custom reports can be generated on any criteria including (switches, customers, carriers, types of service, vendors, time, countries, etc.). Carriers will gain insight into knowing exactly the completion rates by any set of criteria and learn how efficiently their telephony network is running, where issues are, and knowing what kind of quality of service they are giving and receiving.

Dramatic Return on Investment

Knowing the quality of service to other carriers, manufacturers, customers and of your own network provides you with the knowledge of how to make decisions that will affect your performance and company's bottom line. With NetQuest, intelligent informed decisions can be made that provide a dramatic return on investment and most importantly keep expensive mistakes from occurring.

The Problem

How many calls failed in your network? How many were failed in other carrier’s networks that your company sent? How many failed because of congested or failed network elements? Calls that are not terminating properly are losing money. Failed and improperly billed calls uses up your network resources with no profitability to them. Your customers will seek service elsewhere if your quality is not up to par. Keep your customers. Know the quality of service that you are providing and being provided to you.

The Solution

The ideal solution is user-defined completion reports with the data being directly derived from the SS7, ATM, and IP networks. Using patented correlation systems and disposition algorithms, NetQuest will provide exactly how many calls/transactions have succeeded or failed. Viewed on per customer, carrier, switch, database, country, service, OPC/DPC, etc. basis, or any combination thereof, reports can be generated to display exact completion ratios and the types of failures by dispositions classification. Disposition is a resultant algorithm that analyses the cause release indicator, timing between messages and other parameters to derive what actually happened to the call or translation. NetQuest is like having an SS7 expert analyze every call and transaction 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You the user have the ability to select the criteria for the reports, as well as their display (text, spreadsheet, or graphically).

Key Benefits

QoS Reports Over Any Period of Time

Reports Viewed in Text, Spreadsheet, and Graphically

QoS Reports Viewed by Any Criteria:

-Equipment Manufacturer
-NPA/NPXX and Line
-Type of Service
-Time of Day

Every Call and Transaction Analyzed


Not Reliant on Switches

Patented Solution

Advanced "Real-Time" Processing

Flexible Solutions

The Process

Tekno Telecom’s SS7, IP and ATM non-intrusive monitoring devices, [Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer] decode and count every MSU and packet. The devices then correlate the protocol messages into CDRs and TDRs with the “patented dispositions” and transmit them and statistical summary reports to Tekno Telecom's centralized server applications (NetAlert, NetScope and NetViewPoint), as well as 3rd party and host applications.


Knowing the quality of service (QOS) that you are providing and receiving will highlight the information necessary for carriers to make decisions based on real world data. Network understanding will lead to ideal network design and vendor selection. This will positively impact a carriers’ bottom-line by keeping customers and other carriers satisfied with your telephony service.