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Revenue Assurance

The NetQuest Advantage

Tekno Telecom’s NetQuest Network Management System offers a comprehensive and innovative solution to revenue assurance. Our solutions are drastically different than other conventional types of Revenue Assurance solutions. NetQuest’s advantages are based on obtaining and processing data directly from the network (SS7, IP, ATM) into revenue recovery information to enhance carriers’ profitability. This type of data is unattainable through telephony switches.

Dramatic Return on Investment

With NetQuest’s innovative and accurate system solutions, telephony carriers are able to realize between .05% to in excess of 27% of their total revenues that were previously unrecoverable. Once carriers’ experience the true flexibility of the NetQuest System, multiple departments will want to take advantage of this information-rich technology to enhance the overall operation and ultimate profitability of the company.

The Problem

Carriers lose significant amounts of their revenue due to incomplete or inaccurate billing revenue and network revenue leakage. Encompassed within the revenue assurance environment are many opportunities for leakages including inaccurate inter-carrier settlements, TCAP/IS-41 transaction billing, poor network design, performance issues, fraud, and maintenance problems, etc. In these and other scenarios, telephony carriers are lacking accurate quantitative insight into where they are and the scope of the leakages.

The Solution

NetQuest provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to Revenue Assurance that provides quantifiable information from the truest source, the network (SS7, IP, and ATM). Total network analysis provides the definitive information that allows carriers to gain the definitive information needed to identify and stop the leakages. Once this occurs, carriers quickly realize a dramatic return on investment and, most importantly, realize the revenue gains that were, to that point, lost. This directly affects the profitability bottom line of carriers.

Key Benefits

Extreme Accuracy

Switch Independent

Billing Verification

Billing Validation

AMA Auditing

Fraud Prevention

Inter-Carrier Billing

Inter-Carrier Billing Verification

Inter-Carrier Billing Validation

CABS Verification

Network Optimization

Traffic Engineering

The Process

Tekno Telecom’s SS7, IP and ATM non-intrusive monitoring devices [Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer] decode and count every MSU and packet. The devices then correlate the protocol messages into CDRs and TDRs with 99.999% accuracy (more accurate than a switch) and transmit them, together with statistical reports, to Tekno Telecom's centralized server RDBMS applications (NetScope, NetAlert and NetViewPoint), as well as 3rd party and host systems. Canned and custom reports are then generated from multiple Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzers on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Revenue and profit maximization are the keys to success. A comprehensive solution to revenue assurance will position carriers to meet that goal by providing the information to do quantifiable comparisons and find their revenue leakages. Tekno Telecom’s NetQuest System will provide the answers to help carriers realize all of their revenues and profits now and in the future.