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The NetQuest Advantage

Tekno Telecom’s NetQuest Network Management System provides an expansive view of your network (SS7, IP, ATM) in “Real-Time” with superb drill down capabilities, alarm management and OSS integration. Knowledge of how your network is performing with an immediate notification, when a major issue occurs, allows carriers to be proactive.

Dramatic Return on Investment

Preventing a network failure or minimizing one keeps your customers calling and therefore generating revenue. One undetected major failure that could have been avoided will pay for NetQuest many times over.

The Problem

Can you see your whole network right now? How much traffic is in your network? Can you drill down to see a network element, link, linkset, statistic? Is it easy to use? If a traffic or layer one (example: cablecut) problem occurs, can you take corrective action before your company loses money?

The Solution

NetQuest’s Surveillance capabilities provide an array of tools (example: NetAlert) to view the network and analyze it in real and post time. An alarm management capability allows for user defined thresholds to be set as alarm triggers. Alarms can also be integrated into all OSS management systems for integration with other systems.

Key Benefits

Ideal NOC Tool

Real-Time Analysis

Switch Independent

Major/Minor Alarmst

Data Integrity Features

Alarm Tracking

Visual Representation of Network

The Process

Tekno Telecom’s SS7, IP and ATM non-intrusive monitoring devices [Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer] decode and count every MSU and packet. The devices then transmit statistical information and reports to Tekno Telecom’s centralized server applications (NetAlert and MNT) for a continual graphical display of your network's preformance. Canned and custom reports are then generated from multiple Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzers on a hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.


NetQuest provides you, your management and your customers the confidence that you have the visibility and knowledge of what is occurring within your network. “Real-Time” monitoring will enable your staff the ability to solve issues, before they become critical and immediately know exactly where the issues are. This allows for quick and corrective action to be taken.