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Traffic / Capacity Analysis

The NetQuest Advantage

Cost-effective deployment of capital, higher quality levels of call completion ratios and overall customer satisfaction can be achieved by utilizing the network knowledge that NetQuest's Network Management System provides. Intrinsic knowledge of your network and interconnecting networks are accomplished with NetQuest's patented techniques that no other system can match. Combined with ease of use and an incredible array of canned and user-defined reports, your company will be on its way to higher network knowledge and profitability.

Dramatic Return on Investment

Understanding detailed traffic patterns and routing of the complex SS7, IP and ATM networks will allow carriers to maximize their present investments, by eliminating congestion while simultaneously preventing from installing excess and unnecessary capacity. NetQuestís current customers continue to reap savings that have given dramatic return on investments by utilizing NetQuest's information to optimize their networks.

The Problem

How many calls terminated and were launched in your network? Where were they from? Were they Internet, payphone, international, prison, call center, long duration or cellular based? Which routes did they take? What were their completion ratios, and if they did fail, why and where? Were the calls profitable? How many used overflow routes? Which network elements/switches actually perform the best? Where is congestion and blocking occurring? What are your traffic patterns on a daily basis? Which hours/days of the week/year are busiest? How do you forecast future growth? As carriers move towards newer technologies, how do they best design their networks using actual data for evaluation and not statistical guesses? How are you answering any of these questions and how difficult was it to arrive at these answers? Most importantly, is your data accurate? Do you want an easy-to-use, automated, and cost-effective solution?

The Solution

Verification-driven data with total network analysis is the solution and NetQuest is the answer. All calls (100%) are analyzed by a variety of metrics to completely provide traffic/capacity engineering and network knowledge. Utilizing an industry standard multi-user Oracle RDBMS, MS Access, Excel and Tekno Telecomís patented SS7, IP, and ATM CDR generators, the NetQuest Network Management System provides an incredible array of canned and user-definable reports for use with Poisson and Erlang statistical tables. Accuracy is insured with data integrity features. Resultant network optimization and customer satisfaction is the end benefit.

Key Benefits

Reduced Network Costs

Improved Return on Assets

Faster Problem Resolution

Quantifiable Forecasting

Analyze All Calls and Transactions

Easy to Use

Direct Network Collection

Not Reliant on Switches and Their Expensive Software

Patented Solution

Advanced "Real-Time" Processing

Flexible Solutions

Integrate with 3rd Party Modeling Solutions

The Process

Tekno Telecomís SS7, IP and ATM non-intrusive monitoring devices [Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer] decode and count every MSU and packet. The devices then correlate the protocol messages into CDRs and TDRs and transmits them, and statistical reports, to Tekno Telecomís centralized server applications (NetAlert, NetScope and NetViewPoint), as well as 3rd party and host Management Systems for canned reports.


Total network knowledge and network analysis can be achieved with Tekno Telecom NetQuestís Traffic Engineering and Capacity Management applications. Resultant network optimization will generate revenue and profit maximization, as well as customer satisfaction. NetQuest supplies the answers.