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The NetQuest Advantage

In “Real-Time,” Tekno Telecom’s Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer decodes and correlates every MSU and packet into call and transaction records that are then quantitatively analyzed and classified into a success or failure categories. Trapping on these classifications (dispositions) act as an SS7/IP/ATM expert analyzing 100% of the calls and transactions to tell you why it succeeded or failed. This information easily becomes available to 256 simultaneous users solving these problems at their desks. Analyization of this information allows for finding minute, intermittent problems, or problems where a pattern is established. All of these issues can be corrected with the right information. Proactiveness and not reactiveness becomes the norm with NetQuest’s ease of use functionality.

Dramatic Return on Investment

Carriers are in an extremely competitive environment and retaining customers is paramount to maximizing the present infrastructure’s profitability. NetQuest ensures that your network is running smoothly, and if problems do arise, they can be identified, communicated and corrected with minimal customer involvement.

Carriers are spending vast sums for vendor equipment within their networks. Typically carriers are also connected to multiple other carriers and use multiple equipment vendors. If problems occur, the ability to quickly isolate the issue and prove where the fault lies will ensure faster remedy times and less hassle for your staff making them more productive.

Ultimately, time is money. The most efficient and resilient networks will maximize carrier profitability. With the knowledge of what is occurring within the networks (where the issues are, and how to resolve problems quickly), NetQuest will make the difference between carriers that can realize their profitability potential and those that cannot.

The Problem

When a problem occurs what actions do you take? Look at the switch information? Haul out a protocol analyzer and wait for the problem to occur again? Is this a one-time occurrence or is it related to other issues? How much expertise do carriers allocate to solve issues?

When customers complain or something goes wrong, how long does it take to find the issue? How painful is the situation? Is the problem with network equipment, translation tables, software, other carriers, customers, etc....?

The Solution

The ideal solution would monitor the whole network at expert levels. Picture having an SS7, IP, and ATM expert monitoring every call and transaction in “real-time.” When a call or transaction failure occurs, NetQuest automatically captures it in full protocol decode mode with all the correlated messages allowing for analysis at the deepest level. Then all the failures are put together to see if they are related in any way to a carrier, network element, transmission route, customer, billing issues, etc. Full scale expert network analysis is provided by NetQuest. It is your ideal solution to solve hidden telephony swithcing failures.

Key Benefits

Automatic Trapping of EB&F's

Advanced Protocol Analysis

Patented Dispositions

Multi-Level View of Call Failures

Correlation of MSUs/Packets into CDRs/TDRs

Ease of Use

Analysis in Excel and text

Total network visibility

Expert SS7, IP, & ATM Analysis

Encompassing Management Reports

User Defined Reports

The Process

Tekno Telecom’s SS7, IP and ATM non-intrusive monitoring devices (Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzer) decode and count every MSU and packet. The devices then correlate the protocol messages into CDRs and TDRs (CDRs and TDRs are filtered in "real-time" for EB&F's). It transmits EB&F's and statistical reports to Tekno Telecom's centralized server RDBMS applications (NetAlert, NetScope and NetViewPoint), as well as 3rd party and host systems for analysis. Canned and custom reports are then generated from multiple Net(s)CCS and NetAnalyzers on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis by Tekno Telecom’s centralized server applications.


In order to keep your customers happy, you must ensure your network elements (switches, databases, gateways, etc.) are running optimally. Your need to know the troubles before they are complaints. NetQuest will automatically do this with least amount of time and personnel expertise, and set you on the road to profit maximization.