Tekno Telecom Supports Carriers During NPAC Cutover

Tekno Telecom Supports Carriers During NPAC Cutover

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15, 2018


NAPERVILLE, Ill – Tekno Telecom, a leader in network monitoring and service assurance, will be supporting its customers prior to the NPAC cutover from Neustar to iconectiv as they prepare performance monitoring and troubleshooting procedures. Tekno’s network monitoring data will be used to drive decisions and support of all contingencies.


In 2015 Ericsson won the contract to replace Neustar as the NPAC administrator for all North American Number Portability Administration. Ericsson formed a new company (wholly owned) called iconectiv (www.iconectiv.com ) as the operating company for the new business. The Portal and system testing between iconectiv and Operators started in early 2017, the first LSMS/LNP/STP cutover will be the southeast region, currently scheduled for April 8th, other regions follow in May and beyond. The initial cutover has the possibility to impact network routing for more than 20M US customers. Cutover dates are as follows:


April 8 – Southeast Region
May 6 – Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic Regions
May 20 – Western, West Coast, Southwest Regions


Tekno provides the most advanced service assurance monitoring system to network operators around the globe for SS7, LNP, SIP/VoLTE, Diameter, DNS, LNP and IP. By helping carriers evaluate their resources, systems and procedures prior to the cutover, Tekno will help carriers eliminate QoS issues, including troubleshooting procedures and performance analytics.


Tekno encourages any operator to contact us to help prepare their network to best manage this unique cutover event.


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